Day 205: Cali

Five things really:

Today lolo had her first proper vom. So normally after milk there is a bit of vom. Normally, no smell… well, nothing like us adults create.  Today she had a normal lunch. A bit of cottage pie to start with, then some poached salmon… and then you had a mini puke. And for the 1st time ever it smelt more like grown up puke.

We put you down for your nap but you were taking a while to settle. Longer than normal. I was keeping my ear out for you and suddenly noticed some of your crying sounded more muffled than normal. I went in just to sneak a peek and make sure you were ok. Turns out you had rolled from your back to your front completely on your own. You know how to roll but seem to have chosen not to for the last 3 months. Well today not only had you rolled but this was also the time you chose to vom… so overall I understand why you were crying.

We tried a sipping cup today. We had no success. Tomorrow is another day.

You also tried some lobster bisque. It wasn’t half bad! It was probably far too salty for you but you needed some dinner so I mainly scooped up the cream in it with some chunks of bread but this (unlike the sipping cup) was a success.

Final thing (as I sip an ice cold becks vier in preparation for holiday time), we’re away in hols for the next few days. This means we’ll be blogging less often over the coming days.

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