Day 207: Jet-Lag & 11h 40m flight to Cali with Lo-Lo

The good news is it wasn’t murder… I think we may have been lucky. Lo-Lo’s schedule was VERY roughly the same as it was at home (normal schedule being naps at 9am, 12, 5pm, sleep around 8.30pm) but she just woke up early from each nap. The bassinet she slept in was quite exposed, just like a horizontal car seat. I guess I was expecting something more like a moses basket. But this thing didn’t really have any sides, so there was no shelter from noise, no feeling that she was cocooned in anyway.

So the flight itself was not too bad. When we landed, she passed out on hubby’s shoulder as we went through passport control so he was looking particularly cute on arrival to California. As soon as we got through the exit she started waking up, just in time for her to meet Aunty Anya & Great Aunty Patti. There was much cooing. I must admit she was in a rather good mood considering she’d got up at 7am, not really slept much that day, it was about 4pm US, so midnight back at home. She then proceeded to be awake for the whole car journey home and for a while back at the home. She finally crashed at 6.30pm US… that’s 2.30am UK people!!! She looked a little delirious and wired toward the end, but she’d powered through successfully.

I could only pray that she would sleep through most of the night and we had success! She woke up around 5am US, but we dragged that out til 5.50am before we got her up properly. After that we were on the home run – we got ourselves back on schedule with a 9am snooze followed by a 2 hour nap at 12noon. She’s currently on track for a bath at 7pm and bedtime at 8pm. Woohoo!

Jet lag and time shift. Done. Lol, not even hubby and I are over it yet! Girl is good!

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