Day 213: Some 1sts

We’ve had a great couple of days. It’s been rather warm over her in California.

Today we went to the Getty Museum which was beautiful. We spent most of our time relaxing on the terrace, eating lunch and in the garden. We got to drive up in a Porsche Carrera where we managed to fit in a baby car seat, a stroller and a baby bag in the ‘boot’.

Yesterday we visited Venice beach where Lo-Lo inhaled some whacky tebaccy. Not intentionally of course but the beach walk had some strong winds. She also had her 1st experience with SAND! Sand between her toes, in her hands… and of course a little bit in her mouth. She tried a little garlic mashed potato (as we finished our evening at the Stinking Rose) and a little bit of crab meat. She has also discovered that she can pound measuring cups together to make a noise… thanks Patti.

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