Day 221: Merry Christmas! & sleeping on her front.

Morning People. Merry Christmas all. I can’t lie, I can’t quite tell which day we’re on just now but we’re about day 221, so let’s go with that.

We had one more first this last week whilst we were in the states but time ran away with us and I never got a chance to post. Lo-Lo has been rolling over onto her front and sleeping on her front! Lots and LOTs of movement going on of late. Last night she got into all manner of positions as she was settling. And this MORNING she was on all fours sliding her knees forward. We forecast crawling may occur soon!

So far in preparation we watched ‘Scrooged’ last night and we’ll be watching ‘A Muppet’s Christmas Carol’ again today for the fourth time. Lo-Lo is in her Christmas Santa outfit already and the parent’s in law are round already. Bring on the day!

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