Day 225: 9 Natural cold n flu remedies for babies

I can’t help but think that a) she’s not that ill yet that she needs drugs and b) there’s no need to opt for drugs in the first instance. Also since being pregnant I haven’t really had drugs to counteract any colds… mind you, since I was was pregnant I haven’t really had many colds! Interesting fact, a cold or flu usually takes about ten days to run its course! Here are a few suggested natural remedies for babies to help make them feel better:

  1. Lots of rest to give them time/energy to heal
  2. Steamy air /warm bath to help loosen the mucus in the nasal passages. However using menthol is only advisable for children over 2.
  3. Saline drops and bulb syringes (scary!). Our midwife just told us to pop some saline solution into the nostril which irritates it so baby sneezes out the snot. Babycentre suggest it will loosen the mucus and then you can syringe it out. Much like the cotton bud up the bum (see constipation) – EEK!
  4. Vapor rubs (specifically for 3 months and up it is made with petrolatum, oils, and eucalyptus), apparently have no real effect on nasal congestion, but it does make the cold sufferer feel better by producing a cooling effect in the nose! Baby safe rubs don’t contain camphor or menthol.
  5. Extra fluids (6 months and up) helps prevent dehydration and flushes and thins your child’s nasal secretions.
  6. Chicken soup and other warm liquids (6 months and up). Studies have shown that chicken soup actually relieves cold symptoms like aches, fatigue, congestion, and fever.
  7. Elevating the head (12 months and up) can help them breathe more comfortably
  8. Honey (12 months and up) coats and soothes the throat and helps tame a cough. Sadly as she’s only 7 months we cannot use this remedy as it can cause infant botulism.
  9. And one from me… a bit of balm on the nose. Stops it getting sore from wiping!
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1 Response to Day 225: 9 Natural cold n flu remedies for babies

  1. Arachne says:

    Thanks for the tips, my baby is only three months and has her first cold… I can invent things to help the situation but these are of more practical use!

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