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Day 258: The Butt-shuffling-leave-one-leg-behind-crab-CRAWL!

People it’s been a LONG time coming! But at last at – WE HAVE HER CRAWLING FORWARD!!!! – Kinda. Today she is 37 weeks old or 8 and a half months. She’s been sitting since about 5 months, crawling backwards … Continue reading

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Day 257: Weight a minute

Yeah. Cheesy. I’m kinda annoyed. I’ve spoken to lots of mums about losing their baby weight after they’ve had a bubba. You shouldn’t be too concerned, you’ve given life!… It took 9 months to gain it will take the same … Continue reading

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Day 256: Creche-ing

So as described previously I think people assume you’re a bad mum if you want to put your child into a nursery. I guess it all depends on what you can afford and what you mind doing. Hubby and I … Continue reading

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Day 255: Free wheelin’

There’s been a lot of this going on: Standing up that is. We went to see the NCT girls today. She was stood holding onto the fireplace guard and then she wasn’t. Rachel and I both squeaked as she was … Continue reading

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Day 253: Busy Bee

Haha. She enjoyed sitting in the wash basket I promise! That was at Nana & Jiisan’s on Wednesday. But that aside we’ve been super busy bees all week! Out and about most of the day everyday. Yesterday we started out … Continue reading

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Day 252: Well Heal’d

Thank you for finding mummy’s new pair of ear muffs

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Day 251: Is God female?

Ignore for the moment whether or not you’re a believer. Male or female? What do you think? Hubby chatted with me about this yesterday.  ‘Well if she were female she wouldn’t have given women periods or childbirth.’ True I thought. … Continue reading

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