Day 228: Happy New Year

As I sit here finishing up the left over cheese cake from last night (someone’s gotta eat it!)  Lo-Lo and daddy are having a bath and I think over the last year and the future, 2014.

Last year I was pregnant with a little amazing creature that today I love so much its difficult to put into words. I guess I have become a less selfish person because ultimately all day, everyday is mainly about her in some way. I had the amazing experience that was childbirth, terrifying and inspirational…. that baby came from me!? And the last 7 months feel like an eternity and yet have gone by quite fast. Lo-Lo has grown, developed, started saying da-da, found her 1st 2 teeth, started standing and started eating chunky solids. What a year.

This year hubby and I are having a dry January and I’m looking to get back into shape, no excuses. In May I look to go back to work… what a daunting prospect. We need to decide between a nanny (and having no money) or nursery (and rearranging how I work i.e. leaving on time). I do wonder what other developmental changes we can expect from Lo-Lo in the next 5 months. Very happy I’ve been able to spend this time with her.

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