Day 229: How was NYE?

Sorry forgot to mention yesterday how NYE actually went?

Well we started off the morning as you do, Lo-Lo woke up at 10am which meant we would get a lie in on NY-Day. Hooray! I’d prepped part of the food the night before so there was no rush in the evening. We stayed in the whole day watching Star Wars again (ITV2 had clearly bought the rights and were playing 2 episodes a day) and Singing In The Rain. Had a few guests over at about 7pm, then they left. As it turned out hubby and I had invited a handfull of people but for one reason or another none of our friends could make it. However due to our lovely view we had invited our neighbours round, 2 of which had their own parties going on.

And so it was silent til 11pm. Then Nigel & Mirel rocked up. 11.30pm Nigel (different) & Billy rocked up with their 4 guests. 11.45pm… Mike & BJ rocked up with about 20 of their guests! So. Almost by surprise – we had a massive, great, big, 30 strong NYE bash. And Lo-Lo? She slept through ALL of it! We know as there may have been some drunken peeking at the baby. As hubby said, ‘if you have the view, they will come’. Tru dat.

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