Day 232: Mum’s first run

Yup, that’s me. I was getting ready (and deliberating a little, of course) and some radio DJ started going on about all those New Year’s resolutions that people had already broken, ‘like if anyone promised themselves they’d go for an early morning run today…’! I throw profanities in your general direction. Like 9.30am meant you’d failed already. 9.30am on a Sunday morning IS considered early morning. I ignored him and determinedly put my pigtails in place (can’t stand strands of hair attacking me whilst I’m on my running missions – that’s exactly why you know Tomb Raider isn’t real, that strand of hair would have been pulled out by the ROOTS if she’d gone for a long run with it).

Why am I so proud about going for my first run? I’ve had a mental and physical barrier up against going for a run. Having given birth naturally, the honest truth is I worried a bit things might fall out. Also the breasts have been full of milk/sore for almost a year and a half so I really wanted to make sure I was ready before I went. Well, it being the New Year and all, I figured it was time.

I am now the proud owner of one small run for this year. It’s not big, or fast or particularly challenging, but it’s all mine and its a good start. It was about 1.3miles in about 15 mins… o.k. not quite a run, more a light jog, but it was good.

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