Day 233: Chicken soup

And yes before you ask I DO ache a little from my amazing run yesterday. Hello old friend, next time you might ache from a slightly longer distance!

On to chicken soup. I bring this up because a few days ago I posted some 9 natural cold remedies for a baby and actually I missed off chicken soup! I keep remembering chicken soup, not due to my jewish ancestry (I have none) but because it’s a myth which has legs. What do I mean? We’ve all heard chicken soup is good for the soul, good for colds, the blues… hangovers even! But it’s a myth surely, no? It’s been around for ages, but the endurance of a myth does not necessarily mean it is correct.

Well, would you believe that there has been research to prove that it actually works? Here’s the really short version: chicken soup helps to get rid of the inflammation in your chest when you have a cold (by inhibiting neutrophil migration). BOOM!

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