Day 234: Nanny? Nursery? Nana? ARGHH….!

Nanny…. nursery…. nanny… nursery….

Nanny. Brilliant idea. They come to you. They take baby out on little excursions. You can work late and don’t have to rush back for a 6pm pick up. Your baby is fed home cooked meals. I think you’re effectively paying for the one on one attention… just like having mum at home. They are however pricey and they become a substitute to you (good/bad thing?).

Nursery. Several strangers handling your baby. Set drop off and pick up times, high rates if you’re late. Staff are shared between 2-3 babies. They eat what is prepared on the premises. They get exposed to all the germs the other kids bring in and if they’re ill you’ll have to go pick them up. But they are more manageable price wise, the kids get a chance to develop more socially and these are designed to be safe and educational environments.

Grandparents. There is always this option if they live close enough and have the time/want to. The baby benefits from a familiar environment and familiar faces.

There are childminders as well and let’s not forget mummy staying home and looking after the bambino. Truth is, I think they’re all pretty good options but its looking more and more likely that Lo-Lo will need to go to a nursery. As much as I love my daughter a) I would like to keep my career going and b) we’d like the money.

I am a little annoyed at those who have tried to guilt trip me, as if I were a bad mother for choosing the nursery. In the UK its almost a form of child abuse to want to send your baby to a nursery. I know people earning much less than us are able to survive with a mum that stays at home. But I think Lo-Lo can benefit from seeing her mother going to work, a better standard of living and I’m hoping she can develop better socially too. I do wonder if children who have nannies can suffer a little from being the centre of attention, those in nurseries must learn to share. That being said I think I would still prefer a nanny if we could afford one. The thought of sending her to several strangers also scares me, goodness knows what they can do to her… of course some might say that 1 adult at home alone with your child is also pretty dangerous, in a way they are accountable to no one. Yet I guess the hope is that a nanny will become like one of the family. There’s also the germ thing. Posts ago I found information suggesting that in a way dirt/germs etc are good as they build their immune system. Possibly sending them to nursery now would mean a less ill child in the long run?

What we’re hoping to be able to do is to get Lo-Lo into a nursery most of the time and then have her see her grandparents… even once a week will be great. The main challenge is how to manage drop off and pick up. Both hubby and I benefit from going to work early and coming home later… but I guess this is where the main change will need to happen, we’re going to have to re-arrange our schedules to suit her better. This, may not be a bad thing.

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