Day 235: Optometrist yesterday

Since birth Lo-Lo seems to have had a bit of a wonky eye. She had a blocked tear duct as well by the same eye so we’ve often wondered if that has had some impact on it. So far the GP & nurse have not seemed that bothered and I think it has got a little better but it’s so hard to tell as I see her every day and never really noticed it that much in the first place. However better safe than sorry, so yesterday we went to the optometrist.

Initially she had an appointment with a squint specialist and she passed all tests. I was surprised to see they gave her a 3D test! Yup, we saw a cat, a car and a star on a salt and pepper background. You can tell they have seen it because they focus in on the image and then will try to grab it. Then she had some eye drops which made her pupils dilate ready to go see the other optometrist who gave her what I remember being a normal eye test. Thankfully she was not asked to read back the alphabet as of course at 7.5 months Lo-Lo’s not quite got the grasp of talking yet.

All in all the test went well, she’s not blind, one eye is not weaker than the other and there is nothing abnormal going on. She should just grow out of it. Back for a check up in 6 months.

And an interesting fact… Did you know all babies are slightly long-sighted when born? Apparently it’s something they grow out of.

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