Day 236: Shrrrieking

And so it has begun. I thought this kind of stuff was reserved for the terrible twos but no. The last couple of days Lo-Lo has been sat, happy as Larry, shrieking. Some might say she’s clearly not happy if she’s shrieking. True. But I would say that there’s nothing wrong with her, it’s new, that’s why it’s all a little odd. There have been times when she has just been sat on the floor/stood by the sofa/laying down and she will just shriek, like her little life depended on it. Looking around herself, minding her own business, but her vocal chords are doing something else. I thought she was finding her voice before… but maybe this is it? There have also been the sneaky times when she’s eating and she’s trying to tell me she’s ready for the next bite. Well I can’t suggest that it’s ok for her to shout and demand when she wants something so I patiently wait for her to stop. She eventually does and we can resume feeding again but it is tiring. Let us not forget that sound is a form of torture. My ears can confirm this.

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