Day 242: Fast Pink Portions

Today we have MUCH to share and much to rejoice in. Amen.

1st off, today I got bored and went to Nando’s for lunch. A blatant disregard to the little money left in my bank account I hear you say. Yes, it’s true, I have squandered it. But it was in the pursuit of some good chicken, getting out of the house & not cooking and cleaning up after myself or her  (like I said, cleaning’s overrated). And what did we do when we got to Nando’s? We ordered Lo-Lo her VERY FIRST MEAL at a restaurant! Yes I’m classing Nando’s as a restaurant. So please examine exhibit A, Lo-Lo with the desert menu, shortly before she tried to eat it.


Exhibit A. Afore mentioned Lo-Lo in a state of excitement. No one tell her she’s reading the menu upside down. 


Exhibit B. Yup, her grubby little hand going in for the kill, couldn’t have timed that any better. This in fairness is a full meal for a child up to the age of 10, so no way was I expecting her to eat it all. However she did make a dent. What you see here is some grilled chicken, sweet mashed potato and some hot beans. I probably could have just eaten what she left over and been reasonably full, but I felt I should get my own.


Exhibit C.

2nd thing. She will be 8 months old this Friday (PAAAARTAAAY!) – 2 day’s time. She’s wearing 9-12 month clothing comfortably and I figured it would make sense to buy a few new things so she had clothing to wear when she went out – not just mum-cut-toeless babygrows! It’s strange because you think 1 pair of trousers won’t see them through the season. Well if they wear babygrows most of the day, they only really need a few things to keep them warm when they go out. Plus they grow so fast you want to get some decent wear out of it before it gets too small. With that said, please find exhibit C, one of my favourite purchases. Neon pink, fleece lined, corduroy trousers. Thank you GAP! and you were in the sale too! They are 9-12months so should see her nicely through this season.

3rd thing. We’ve been trying a sipee-cup for, like, ever. Given how much she loves her food you’d think being able to get something a little faster would be a plus for her. But no. No to the sipee-cup. Palm up, face turned away. It’s the bottle or, interestingly enough, straight from a glass! Sure this is messy, involves a little coughing and a wet top, but she seems to like it and she does well. HOWEVER!!! (queue Space Odyssey 2001 music) Today (crescendo) we moved to (Crescendo) fast flow teats (FORTE!!!!). Swapped her slow flow teat on her milk at lunch. A little initial spluttering but she showed no sign of giving up… (silence). And just like that, the milk was gone (poof!)

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