Day 244: Happy 8 month Birthday, round faces and teeth! 4 to be exact.

Happy Birthday! Of course I know it’s mad that I’m celebrating her months, but it’s all comparative to how long she’s been around for you see? Initially it was weeks, now months and soon it will be years! We have taken one day at a time and suddenly we’re 8 months on.

She’s been super grumpy the last few days and guess what? Tooth number 4 looks like it will poke through at any moment. I knew there was nothing wrong with my fish, puy lentil & potato dinners! That’s pretty much 4 teeth in a month. If you’d asked me – did I really notice a change when her teeth were coming through I would have said no. Not because I’m being cheeky, my child is a silent sufferer and is perfect. Quite the opposite, she’s not a quiet baby to begin with! In retrospect I can say yes, but at the time I just thought she was a bit moanier than normal.

She’s doing so well on the food front. Today she had chicken korma for lunch with the whole bits of rice and chunks of chicken. Can’t ask for more than that. She’s losing the baby weight in her face despite the amount she takes in…. check out this round thing!


This was Lo-Lo at 3 months. She won’t be happy that her passport pic looks like this. She started stabilising a bit once she started standing around about 2 months ago. Now look at our beautiful girl. Happy Birthday gorgeous!

IMG_7646 IMG_7674

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