Day 247: Givin’ up

Giving up breastfeeding is pretty emotional as I wrote about on Saturday.  Someone said you don’t lose the urge to feed for a few months after you stop. They’re right. I think it’s not as tough because I started reducing her feeds over a month before and so have had to time to wean MYSELF from her. Odd isn’t it, that breastfeeding is a 2 way thing. I miss the hugs, quiet time and closeness. The question is of course, if I hadn’t had nipple issues would I still be feeding? I think the answer would be yes. I know loads of people who carry on past 12 months. I think it sounds icky to people who have not had kids or who had to stop early, but I can definitely relate. Realistically all you do is take it one day at a time and suddenly you’re 12 months on. Plus you know it’s good for them, it’s hard to stop if there’s no real reason to stop plus from the moment of their existence you have been feeding them so it’s hard to break that connection.

The other thing people worry about is engorement. Will their boobs just explode and be in pain forever if they stop? Well I can tell you, don’t worry, I’ve been fine since I stopped. Many have said it is a supply and demand thing and this is also true. 1st step was no longer feeding at night, then going from 5 to 4 feeds a day, then down to 2 for about 2 weeks, then down to one and then nothing. Doing it slowly definitely worked for me.

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