Day 249: Spending the day elsewhere

Yesterday we had Katy & Scotty round in the afternoon. It was only a couple of hours. Katy brought Jaffa Cakes which I really couldn’t complain about. A few things of note happened.  Although they needed to be watched the whole time, Lo-Lo LOVED playing with Scott-Bott. She was beaming, and trying to ‘borrow’ his toys, and pulling him over backwards so they both fell in a heap… so despite assaulting and robbing her playmate, she had a great time. Some would argue that of course she had a great time, she was the one committing the offences. In retrospect Scotty did leave crying, oh dear, maybe it wasn’t such a great playdate after all. Well today I shipped her off to her grandparents. How is this different? She’s stayed away from home before but only with us. She’s stayed on her own with her grandparents before but only at our house. She has also been round her grandparents’ house before but never left without mummy. So today we begin a slightly harsher form of separation. Familiar-ish place with familiar people. Next step? Wine tasting next weekend (us not her): spending THE NIGHT away from home without the parent’s and in her travel cot. Sniff. We haven’t even moved her out of our room yet so not sure how that’s supposed to work but I’m sure it will.

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