Day 250: Co-sleeping

Crickey. Almost 100 days left til your birthday.  Impressive.

So, co-sleeping. It’s a touchy subject.  Personally I don’t think people should make a habit of it. Why? Dunno. You may think I’m being a bit Hitler-ish about it but I think a) parent’s should have their own space as should the baby and b) babies need to figure out how to fall asleep on their own.

Having said all that. I love co-sleeping with her!!! She’s so warm and huggable! This cute, baby smelling, soft, gurgling mound is nestled into my chest, laying on the bed next to me and for the 1st time all day isn’t pushing me away, wriggling out of my hands… and is quiet. It’s the best feeling ever! I become super happy. Why wouldn’t you make a habit out of something so special? They’re calmer, you’re happier, what’s the problem!? It’s AAAAAWESOOOOME. But. I refer you to points a) & b) above along with that story where kids are happier if they don’t eat the sweet straight away… or something.

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