Day 251: Is God female?

Ignore for the moment whether or not you’re a believer. Male or female? What do you think?

Hubby chatted with me about this yesterday.  ‘Well if she were female she wouldn’t have given women periods or childbirth.’ True I thought. Why do we get all the bits that suck? We get periods as early as 8 years old, often we feel weak and off during this time, not to mention the period pains. Then sex, not necessarily the most comfortable thing when we start. Then 9 months of pregnancy (list here is too long), then childbirth and then menopause (unofficial end of your life some would have us believe). Ever noticed how a lot of the upheaval in our bodies is geared to just one thing: having kids. If we didn’t have all this build up to having kids would we love them as much? If you had a baby, unexpectedly everytime you sneezed would they be valued as much? I wonder if God sat down with Mother Nature (controversial I know) and decided that in order for animals to have babies they needed to make the female’s lives revolve around them. Childbirth needed to be a challenge so that at the end you can raise the baby on high Lion King stylee and proclaim this was a labour of love, you conquered childbirth and look at the amazing gift of life you have received at the end. You know, like when you’ve done something gruelling like a super long run where you felt you were running on stumps for the last 10km. So in the end, I think God could be male or female, I think the process is designed to make us love and appreciate our children even when they’re been annoying. I also think that’s why many women have a maternal instinct, why more often men leave the wife and kids rather than the other way round and why women tend to sacrifice career for their kids.

In the same vein: Do you think teenagers are designed to be a bit spotty and ugly as nature’s way of trying to stop us procreating whilst we’re still kids?

Happy 36 week birthday baby.

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