Day 253: Busy Bee


Haha. She enjoyed sitting in the wash basket I promise! That was at Nana & Jiisan’s on Wednesday.

But that aside we’ve been super busy bees all week! Out and about most of the day everyday. Yesterday we started out in Heal’s in the morning, Jamie’s Italian for lunch then a mooch around the shops in Canary Wharf then a visit to one of our neighbours in the evening. Today we had gym, then swim for Lo-Lo, I’m currently at the Apple Store in Covent Garden trying to fix the laptop you (temporarily we hope) put out of action. Then to dinner with friends I think. Tomorrow to a friend’s and the craziness all starts again. I’m secretly happy though coz when you’re sat at home you either want to be picked up or played with. All fine in good measures but this amount has led to me being able to do proper press-ups! Impressive on the one hand, relentless on the other.
Ah… Just found a pair of boots I’ve been eyeballing for months for £40. Smash. Not a wasted journey after all.

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