Day 256: Creche-ing

So as described previously I think people assume you’re a bad mum if you want to put your child into a nursery. I guess it all depends on what you can afford and what you mind doing. Hubby and I signed up to our local Better Life Gym, Waterfront, Woolwich. What’s this got to do with nursery? Well I think the creche at the gym is a tiny indication as to how it’s going to be when I take her to nursery. She seems to love it. I know its only an hour or so I’m gone, but she’s with people she doesn’t know for that time, new kids to learn from, play with. She can learn how to make friends and if she needs to get some colds to build up her immunity then now’s a better time than when I go to work. I think that although I amuse her all I can at home, she really seems to enjoy doing something different!

So all I’d say is if you can, enjoy some time to yourself at the gym, I honestly think the creche is a good experience for the baby as well as yourself.  After all once they start going to nursery it’s not just them who will have separation anxiety.

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