Day 257: Weight a minute

Yeah. Cheesy. I’m kinda annoyed. I’ve spoken to lots of mums about losing their baby weight after they’ve had a bubba.

You shouldn’t be too concerned, you’ve given life!… It took 9 months to gain it will take the same to come off… Breastfeeding’s great, it really helped me lose all my weight…  I lost more than before I was pregnant! 

I’m all for doing it naturally if you can but IT AIN’T HAPPENIN’ PEOPLE! OK, so initially a bit of it comes off, of course it does, you have just given birth, lost a lot of blood, given birth to a massive placenta, you’re breastfeeding and you can move again! But 2 months post birth I was 7kg off course. 8 months on… I’m still 6 kg off course. I’m sure breastfeeding did something for me, like shrinking my uterus, but help me shed the belly fat it did not. It’s time to get serious! The part that sucks the most is my tummy area was the bit I always struggled with no matter how fit I was, so now it’s super difficult to do anything. In addition to my frustration is knowing that I don’t eat badly, but it’s just not shifting!

My plan? Since Jan 1st we’ve been having a Dry-Jan coupled with better eating. Better eating in the sense that I am not eating to the point of getting full but rather eating to stop being hungry. It’s odd. It’s a simple change but it does look like it’s had an impact a month on. I wonder what the scales would say. We also signed up to the gym so 1-2 proper sessions a week at the moment. Hopefully to increase to 3 soon. And I have Louisa to thank for all this. 4 months after having Flo she was having her Christened and there she was, stood in a skin tight dress. I could have slapped her I was so mad at myself. But there you go. We all take inspiration from different places.

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