Day 258: The Butt-shuffling-leave-one-leg-behind-crab-CRAWL!

People it’s been a LONG time coming! But at last at – WE HAVE HER CRAWLING FORWARD!!!! – Kinda.

Today she is 37 weeks old or 8 and a half months. She’s been sitting since about 5 months, crawling backwards since about the same time. She’s even been standing from early on and in these last couple of weeks she has been pulling herself up to standing, can make her way round the furniture on her own if she is holding on and has been practicing freestanding over the last week – yesterday she even squatted whilst freestanding to pick something up. So it’s about time that she did a bit of front crawling (however loosely she adheres to the term).

It’s funny because I saw her move forward a tiny bit 2 days ago, but I wondered if it was my imagination because a) I’ve been waiting for her to crawl for ages and b) because it was such an unusual style. Yesterday she kind of put a couple of moves together that moved her forward and at last, for hubby (of course) she strung a whole bunch of her moves together to crawl forward. It started off with her being sat up, pulling one knee in and keeping one leg straight out. She crawls forward with her hands and one knee, but it’s like the 2nd leg is in the way or forgotten about so it stays straight and kinda lags behind. This means she’s leading with one knee and it all looks a bit sideways. Am I allowed to say it looks ‘special’? Probably not but it’s just not conventional crawling. Maybe she’ll figure it out once she starts walking.

See the incredible Butt-shuffling-leave-one-leg-behind-crab-CRAWL!:

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