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Day 250: Co-sleeping

Crickey. Almost 100 days left til your birthday.  Impressive. So, co-sleeping. It’s a touchy subject.  Personally I don’t think people should make a habit of it. Why? Dunno. You may think I’m being a bit Hitler-ish about it but I … Continue reading

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Day 249: Spending the day elsewhere

Yesterday we had Katy & Scotty round in the afternoon. It was only a couple of hours. Katy brought Jaffa Cakes which I really couldn’t complain about. A few things of note happened.  Although they needed to be watched the … Continue reading

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Day 248: Baby’s first dentist appointment

Nothing too exciting. I had my teeth scaled n polished (urgh). Then it was Lo-Lo’s turn. She chewed on the dental mirror and then the dentist poked around with her finger. Wish my appointments were more like that!

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Day 247: Givin’ up

Giving up breastfeeding is pretty emotional as I wrote about on Saturday.  Someone said you don’t lose the urge to feed for a few months after you stop. They’re right. I think it’s not as tough because I started reducing … Continue reading

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246: Baker n joggers

Yep. Chav me up. This is Lo-Lo sporting a lovely Baker by Ted Baker fake fur coat…. in jogging bottoms! Booya! Oh yeah and I went to the gym today for the 1st time in ages. It feels good!

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Day 245: The end of breastfeeding & an overview

It’s a sad time. Lo-Lo turned 8 months yesterday and yesterday was her last feed from me. I have decided to stop. Why am I stopping? Breastfeeding has been a challenging journey for me. I have had a total of … Continue reading

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Day 244: Happy 8 month Birthday, round faces and teeth! 4 to be exact.

Happy Birthday! Of course I know it’s mad that I’m celebrating her months, but it’s all comparative to how long she’s been around for you see? Initially it was weeks, now months and soon it will be years! We have taken one … Continue reading

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