Day 260: Happy Birthday Daddy & Lo-Lo’s 1st night away

And so it is daddy’s birthday today. 23 again.

We started yesterday by going to Canteen at the royal festival hall. Great place for Lo-Lo as we had a booth, she could stand on the bench/seats and it all felt like the perfect height. Home for about midday, then rugby and some’ surprise’ guests to get things started. An early dinner at Jamie’s Italian, Greenwich to line the stomach (with cocktails of course) and then nana and jiisan took our lovely baby home to theirs for the night. Lo-Lo’s first night away from home without her parents! Was it traumatic? I have to admit that after 8 months of pretty much 24/7, no, I didn’t miss her. Not in a bad way, I just figure I spend everyday with her, it’s ok to actually enjoy the break without feeling guilty. You know, what’s the point in organising time away if all you do is feel bad about it and worry. Of course she was fine and she enjoyed staying with the grandparents, new scenery, new entertainment.

We proceeded on to the Greenwich Theatre of Wine. Awesome independent wine merchant at 75 Trafalgar Road, Greenwich. Once we’d wrangled all 20 people (yes, 20, I didn’t realise I knew that many people) we tasted 10 wines and ate quite a bit of cheese, bread & some cold meats. What an ace night. Guy knew so much about wine including the background of the individual wines and general histories of the regions. It wasn’t just any excuse for a jolly old knees up, I left feeling nicely educated. So yesterday was all about celebrating hubby’s birthday, wine tasting, breaking Dry-January and Lo-Lo’s first night away from home. All in all a great 24 hours. Of course even though there was no daughter staying the night, I was still up at 7.30am. Who needs sleep!

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