Day 261: And she’s moved out!

The NHS tell you that you should keep your baby in your room for the 1st 6 months of their life. Before I had Lo-Lo I was already planning how I could get her out of my (/our) room as early as possible! I don’t do ‘no sleep’. Then she arrived and I couldn’t imagine this tiny, helpless creature leaving our room. Then at 5 weeks she started sleeping through the night so I didn’t really mind having her sleeping with us, plus I always wear ear plugs which helps me sleep through the whimpering and moving (coz my mommy-spidey-sense hears it ALLLLL!!!!!). The only thing that annoyed me a little was that when hubby got up at 6am, as quiet as he was, it would often start waking the baby, who in turn with all the snuffling, moving and chatting would wake me. So in a way I was looking forward to actually sleeping til 7am, not just laying there til I could get up and pee at 7am.

Lo-Lo could have left us in November. However we were flying to California in December so what was the point of disrupting her quite yet? Then of course no point putting her in her own room before Christmas or New Year as her room has a spare bed in it and we were going to have guests. Then she caught an awful chesty cold and I was glad she shared a room with us (actually I almost slept a night with her in our bed. I know! Not like me at all. Hubby said I was getting soft and demanded to know what the aliens had done with his real wife. But by the time I had decided she would sleep with me the following night she was over the worst of it). And then…

And then.

Well. Nothing. We had run out of excuses to keep her with us. She didn’t really disturb us at night so there was no real reason for us to move her out other than it was the next step in her growing up. It was sad but yesterday after we’d seen hubby’s parents for his birthday lunch we came home and shifted the cot. That night we moved our own bed into the centre of the room, I can now open my drawers properly. We could wash our teeth in our own room, have the lights on, chat, mooch about. Oh yes, that’s the other reason it’s good for baby to move out, you get your life back as a couple.

Let’s be honest. She’s been with us/next to us/in me for a combination of 17 months. Almost a year and a half! of course it was going to be difficult to separate us, no matter how I moan about the 6am starts. But I must admit it’s refreshing to have our space back. It’s a milestone for all of us, a glimmer of life, going back to normal despite the massive fundamental change. I like it. And I reckon she’ll be happier without the 6am wake up calls… huh, maybe this will be better for her too?!

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