Day 262: Weight a minute part 2

All I’m saying is that slim people are slim for a reason. I know there are people who will claim genetics, metabolic rate, exercise and all manner of other stuff but I think in the majority of cases you will find slim people just eat less. That’s it. This is why if you ate a particular way before pregnancy, once you’ve had you’re baby you’re likely to go back to that way of eating. So if you’re breastfeeding, which of course uses up calories and you’re eating the way a slim person eats, eventually you will lose weight. Kind of makes sense that when I ask people who have lost their baby weight fast after birth, they tell me they haven’t been cutting back or anything, just eating as normal. I on the other hand naturally just eat a lot. Can’t help it.

So more specifically what am I doing? Recognition that it’s not coming off naturally. Decision to do something about it. Gym 3 days a week, classes or just a general run and some mat work. Food: I have stopped making big meals, smaller grazing amounts, consciously eating healthier food and I don’t expect to be full after each meal. And there we have it. God I hope it works, I’m over carrying this baby-weight lark.

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