Day 264: Dem sneaky skills

38 weeks old today, you’ve almost been outside as long as you’ve been inside! And this last week has been filled with new stuff.

More free standing, for longer! I had the plumbers sorting out our heating yesterday and again I shrieked. You were stood by the recycling, hands free looking at something. Obviously the younger plumber, ‘Cor blimey gov, apples n pears, what’s that you’re shou’in’ about? Ain’t she done that before?’ Correct Dick Van Dyke, my child is busy being amaze-balls as she plays in the rubbish. Seriously she was just standing there, minding her own business, not aware that she was doing something she’s never really done before, preoccupied with whatever it was that attracted her there in the 1st place.

She also has showed some sneaky observational skills. A few times now she has held herself up on a Jumperoo, the edge of a bed, the edge of a curtain… seen something she wants to get a better look at and has squatted a bit to get a better view! Getting some sneaky views of our neighbours.¬†AMAZING! Curiosity really does fuel physical development.

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