Day 264: Breastfeeding tops, in retrospect

Breastfeeding tops. I remember whilst I was I was still breastfeeding, especially at the start, I really felt like I needed them. In fact because feeding was painful, because it was endless, because felt caged & homebound (at the end of the day, you’re still getting your boob out in public however ‘natural’ it is) – I was desperate for anything that would help me and give me a little freedom. When I originally started I was considering getting millions of tops. At least one for every day of the week. Did I need more in case baby dribbled milk over me or in case I leaked? Sure. Why not… 14 breastfeeding tops should cut it, right?

I ended up only buying 2 tops. I did look but I just didn’t like any of the other tops and then I gave up looking. I did breastfeed outside occasionally but it was always painful, so I always held the breast which meant I needed more feeding area out than most, so the point of the top was kind of redundant. I was always super jealous of my friends who could breastfeed ‘hands free’. What eventually we all seemed to discover after a couple of months was that actually we really didn’t need specific breastfeeding tops. You just kinda got on with it, sneaking baby under a loose top. The other common alternative was a vest that you could pull down with a shirt over the top- the top covered your top half and the vest covered your bottom half leaving just the feeding area.

In retrospect, I’m glad I only got a couple but realistically I would advise people not to go mental as a) you figure out other methods with your existing clothing range and b) they only last for a limited time after which you’ll never wear them again.

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