Day 267: Coz she wants Mummyyyyy (a la Pharrell Williams/Happy)

Ok. Anyone else got a mega clingy baby? Since she hit about 8.5 months there has been a noticeable shift. I used to be able to put her on the floor for 30 minute stints with no worries. She’d entertain herself, eventually get bored, start searching for me and start getting moany. She’s always been a noisy baby but she’s always been sociable. This last week has been crazy. I have handed her to friends and people she knows and the screaming that ensues is incredible.  Only mummy or daddy will do. Literally as soon as she’s over the threshold of our arms she stops crying.

Here’s what what to expect have to say about 9 months:

…bye-byes can become challenging too, as separation anxiety reaches its peak at the nine-month marker. Your baby may become terribly clingy, sticking to you like a sobby, gob of glue when you try to leave (even if it’s to the bathroom!). Take heart in knowing that this is actually a sign of maturity. Your little one has come to realize just how very special his mommy, daddy, and perhaps another primary caregiver are, and is now able to distinguish between them and everyone else who comes near. As you wait out this phase (it may last a few months), allow your baby as much time as possible to warm up to newcomers. Sneaking away from him without saying good-bye is a definite no-no (that erodes his trust in you), but it’s okay to leave him crying in the arms of a trusted grandmother or babysitter when you must go out. Chances are that a few minutes (or seconds) after the door closes, your baby will be happily playing with his toys again. And reunions will always be happy ones.

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