Day 268: 5th Tooth

Like I said, in retrospect! But it’ official. This morning I thought I’d have a look in the ol’ cherub’s mouth in between shark-like snapping and guess what I found? Her 5th tooth. So the clingy phase coupled with a tooth growing through. Great fun. And according to babycentre it’s all going to plan. 1st were her Lower Central Incisors (7 months), then Upper Central incisors (2 weeks later, a week apart) and today we discovered her Upper Left Lateral Incisor (8 and a half months)! Apparently their not due til between 9 & 13 months, so she’s being super advanced (uhemcompetitivemuch)! Interestingly after the Lower Incisors make an appearance it should be the Upper Molars that come next and NOT the canines! We shall see!

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