Day 269: Cruisin’

Yep she’s cruising quite confidently. This term is basically to mean walking around with some support/holding on to furniture… not the other thing! Google’s search also finds the meanings:

  • (sail) about in an area without a precise destination, especially for pleasure. YEP!
  • (of a motor vehicle or aircraft) travel smoothly at a moderate or economical speed. ALSO APPROPRIATE

True dat. She’s generally making good use of wondering round now. She’ll crawl to where she wants to go if she can’t cruise to it and then pull herself up to standing. It’s crazy how much upper body strength these little people have. She particularly likes to stand up in the bath and go for a mini cruise. I’m not the happiest about this as our bath is metal and quite slippery however ‘Grippy Dots’ have made this a lot easier to deal with. I keep worrying she’s going to slip and crack her teeth into the bath. But there’s not much I can do, she’ll have to learn to become more and more stable (a good thing) and I’m hoping she’ll grow out of standing at some point. Mummy’s little cruiser!

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