Day 272: Lo-Lo the Great Explorer

Would you believe this is my 300th blog post? Thank’s Will. I have changed the title of yesterday’s blog. My spelling is atrocious.

We have a ridiculously mobile baby and I love it! True she’s still clingy and won’t go to anyone but at least when I’m sat on the sofa she’ll climb off me, off the sofa and go adventuring. Crawl along, get to the edge of something, stand up and then go cruising. She actually pulled herself up on the handle of the oven the other day and I was shocked to see a bit of air between the floor and her twinkle toes. Yup! My baby can do chin ups! She’s a great stander now too, not completely freestanding all the time but it’s amazing how much better she’s got in just a few short weeks. She even demonstrated her much improved crawl yesterday using both knees, none of this sideways crab nonsense. We’re lucky that out living room and kitchen are actually one room and we have no stairs otherwise I think this could be a lot more interesting. Seeing Nana and Jiisan today for Jiisan’s birthday followed by swimming and then lunch and then… and then… it will be Lo-Lo’s 9 month birthday tomorrow. Amazing how fast that’s come round. Feel free to walk on your 9 month birthday Lo-Lo but be careful as I will not be putting a helmet on your head!

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