Day 277: Something on your face? I’ll eat it

You could almost sing that in a Destiny’s Child way.

I’ve noticed hubby doing it and I do it ALL the TIME! It’s the quickest way to keep the house clean, mummy off the verge of starvation and the baby from becoming too mucky. The bottom line is if you keep on top of the mess there’s less rubbish to clean up at the end. So, picture this. I’m feeding Lo-Lo her morning porridge. She, with mucky face turns her head in her high chair and proceeds to wipe her face on to the side of the seat. Now. Most normal people would wipe her face and the chair. But tell me people, what do you do when there’s no muslin cloth, wipes or kitchen sponge lurking about? Well you have a couple of options, wipe it with your finger or lick it off. No? Ok, Ok I’m not saying that this is what I actually do as in this instance it would be pretty lazy of me- my dining room is in my kitchen, but it is an option. I do however find that when she’s eating something crumbly or chunks that fall on her top I will grab them and eat them. I’ll also lick her fingers if she’s had them in soup for example, to prevent further mess. I’ve licked her face too.

I KNOW, I KNOW IT’S DISGUSTING! I hang my head in shame but it saves said food going everywhere and causing more mess. Starving children in Africa, that’s all I gotta say.

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