Dy 280: Update, weekend, walking, blah

Hello sports fans. Good weekend? We had a pretty great one having friends over for dinner both Friday and Saturday. Daddy was unwell Thursday and Friday so although he was ill in bed for most of it it still felt like an extended weekend. Here’s a picture of the 9 month old, FEMALE, French looking baby, Lo-Lo, care of Aunty Melanie.


I say female because at this age I think they all look the same and I don’t really think it matters if people guess the wrong gender, which happens to her a lot. LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS! OK, so she could do with a brush. We’re well on our way with 6 teeth and she’s really getting around now. I think she may start walking on her own by accident soon, you know, do it without realising she’s doing it because she’s concentrating on something else. Already she’s walking at a pace round furniture and quite coherently. There are times where she’ll move her feet, arms outstretched from one place to where she wants to get to. She’ll go as far as she can then take a leap of faith, let go one arm and then grab hold of the next thing. She even did a mini shimmy last week with her legs. She was free standing near the plant pot, concentrating on moving and actually shifted her right foot along about 3 inches. I have been informed by hubby I am not allowed to claim that as her first step. Fine. But it all feels like it’s developing well. I find it fascinating how it all seems to snowball. Within 2 weeks something else will have developed from that first development in a kind of continual evolution. Very exciting times. Uncle David Attenborough would be happy.

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