Day 282: Nap time shakedown at 9 months

So it’s a bit of an odd thing. Something happened about 2 weeks ago that seems to have put her nap times during the day out of whack. She’s 9 months old now and has slept per a Gina Ford routine since 3 months and it’s worked a treat. In January we dropped her evening nap (quite late for old Gina) as she was taking ages to go down and then wouldn’t stay down for very long. No evening nap (5-6pm) meant she was now going down at 7pm. In fairness I probably could have dropped it a while back and got her on the 7pm night-night routine but for some bizarre reason I was scared to rock the boat/change a good thing, plus hubby enjoyed seeing her more in the evening. Having done it, a leap of faith, it’s worked out great.

Recently I have noticed that she is really resisting going down for her lunch break. It literally happened about 2 weeks ago and it’s proving difficult to shift. She’s always slept well from 9-10am. Now instead of going to bed at 12.30 – 2.30, she just doesn’t seem tired  and can stay up for an hour before passing out as late as 2 and waking at 4pm! And rather irritatingly she seems to be getting up after 1.5 hours rather than a full two. Luckily it doesn’t seem to be impacting her bedtime too much, but I do wonder what’s happened. I’m trying out 2 methods:

  1. Cutting her morning nap to 15/30mins. So far that’s had mixed results… not necessarily ending with her going down at 12.30 but sometimes helping her to sleep the 2 hours… but sometimes not. Hmmm.
  2. I know what you’re probably screaming out right now – Cut out her morning nap! Have tried this as well, instead she starts passing out at 11am, literally falling asleep in your arms and will not be woken. As much as I love this as I get a quiet cuddle it messes with lunch and means a longer stretch til dinner and bed.

I think I will stick with the shorter nap in the morning for now and see how we get on. Today she only had 15 mins in the morning and then passed out in the car on the journey home. Could. Not. Wake. Her. Straight to bed. She tried crying and getting up after an hour, but it didn’t sound earnest enough so I didn’t even go into her room. She fell silent after 5 mins. 30 mins on and we still have silence. She has fallen back to sleep. So, we shall see!

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