Day 286: Teething signs, are we teething with molars?

I think I have been second guessing myself because Lo-Lo was a teary baby anyway when she was younger. Anyone we’d ever meet would say Lo-Lo was teething from about a month. Fingers were always in the mouth and she was teary. Yet we didn’t get any teeth til 7 months, so you do kind of think – well it could be teeth, but it could be something else.

The last few days, things that normally she wouldn’t cry about have set her off, like falling on her bum. She looks at you and you can tell she’s exhausted and she cries that sad cry. Seriously, only a loving hug will help.  She’s had some interesting poops which she didn’t have with the first 6 teeth so this could be coincidental. There’s the leaky nose but again she has been crying quite a bit. However the things making me think it may well be teething are that she’s been off her food, very unusual for her. She’s been running a hot temperature when I’ve touched her head AND anything that goes into her mouth goes to the back on either side rather than the front. Could this be movement from the molars? We’re all guessing yes, after all they do move and create problems well before they erupt. She had some Calpol for the first time yesterday, helped to bring the temperature down and we hope it helped with the pain. Poor noisy, she looks so sad.

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