Day 289: Cupping & keeping it fresh

I like speaking to other mums because you can pick up ideas from what they are doing. More importantly, you get into a certain way of doing things, a lull and sometimes seeing someone else do something you’ve been nervous about trying gives you a leap of faith. Rachel, an NCT mum told me her lovely Lawrie would take a whole piece of fruit and then feed himself. That day I stopped cutting Lo-Lo’s fruit into small chunks which sometimes she would gag on and gave her the whole thing. Interestingly enough Lo-Lo would just bite off what she fancied. Ok so she often tried to eat the whole strawberry at once (and they were the big ones!) but she figured out how to eat it her way, sometimes spitting it out, sometimes swallowing it whole (eek!). Seeing Fi this week also reminded me that sometimes they are more capable of things than we give them credit for. She remembers when William went to nursery at the age of 1. He came back with his daily report card and she was stunned to read that he could use a spoon! She sat him down, gave him a yoghurt and a spoon and sure enough he fed himself the whole pot!

Over the last week since coming back from Fi’s I’ve been giving Lo-Lo a cup. A straight up cup, no sippy, no nipple, just an open cup with handles. I had done this before weeks ago when she refused the sippy cup, I figured I would just give it a go. She got on really well with it. Not completely sure why I gave up trying, possibly something to do with it being quite a messy/an effort. This morning I gave it to her with some runny porridge and wow. She ate half a cup-full with barely any waste. What I loved is that she was holding the handles of the cup and feeding herself, I simply helped out with the angle a bit.

We all know they are sponges and they learn the most they will ever learn in the 1st few years but it’s easy to get into a routine, you forget to try stuff out and you forget that they’ve probably picked up a whole bunch of stuff on their own! And so to all the mums I keep seeing, thank you for giving me knew ideas to keep it all fresh.

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