Day 294: What to expect from the first 9 months

As always I guess I should start off by saying that each baby is different but here’s what we saw with Lo-Lo:

  • 1 month: Tiredness, feeling overwhelmed, constantly needing to be available to feed, trying to read the signs Lo-Lo was giving me. She cried a lot. Thankful for bibs and muslin cloths! Introduced a bottle of formula in the evening at 2 weeks to help her get used to a bottle and to give me a break from her cluster feeding. Started with a gentle routine at night time to help her sleep through the night (basically not picking her up and feeding her straight away). Lo-Lo didn’t like to be put down for very long at all, not much action, just laying on the playmat.
  • 2 months: Sleep routine starts helping and she starts sleeping through the night! Week 5 saw us get our first week of 12-5am but still no real sleep during the day. Sore breasts mean pumping and feeding alternately to give myself a break, this lasts for the whole of the 2nd month. Feeding now at 7am, 11am, 2.30pm, 5pm, 9pm. Discovered burping! Ignore midwives who tell you breastfed babies don’t need to be burped.
  • 3 months: breasts got much better. A routine starts forming. Lo-Lo starts having naps a bit more regularly but cranky by the evening. Letting her lick food. Knows how to roll, does it once, but that’s it! Strong on her legs, constantly trying to stand up when you hold her. Sleeping from 9.30pm – 7am. Very chatty. Smiling.
  • 4-5 months: Starts a proper routine sleeping at 9, 12.30 and 5pm. Standing and sitting more confidently.
  • 6 Months: Eating solids, I gave her a bit of everything from the start. Low in sugar and salt of course, mostly pureed or mashed but a bit of everything. 2 weeks after getting over the fear of choking I tried chunkier stuff. I started by feeding her at breakfast and dinner but seeing the way she hoovered it all up I started lunch too within a couple of days. We had a few bumps/wakings in the night but as always we didn’t pick her up and she returned to her normal sleeping habit within 2 days.
  • 7 months: Burping, seems that once they start standing and being weaned they stop needing to be burped. No more posseting! This was Lo-Lo’s developmental spurt: 4 front teeth, sleeping on her front (rolling at last), pulling herself up to standing and we heard the sound ‘da-da’ for the first time. We also flew to California during this month, the time change wasn’t too bad for her.
  • 8 months: Stopped breastfeeding. Lo-Lo was finally moved into her own room. More teething, another top 2 erupt. Crawling, cruising commences. Feeding 3 times a day.
  • 9 months: Her first virus and temperature. This time she caught a virus as well as having some tooth movement we think. Not a happy bunny. Cruising has become an Olympic sport now, really whizzing round all the furniture and crawling to get to you. She has taken a shuffle/step a couple of times but no defined steps yet. Her first pair of soft soled shoes/moccasins to help her along. Still chews everything. Has become very dexterous, turning pages of board books and putting her hand in a bag to retrieve one breadstick.
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