Day 299: Coming to an end (A room of one’s own)

Happy 10 months Lo-Lo. You’re still alive! I’m not that rubbish after all. Today we had a busy day what with shopping and cooking and cleaning and emailing and complaining and chasing and even a bit of child care in there! I’ve volunteered at our local church, I’m taking photos of all that live in our apartments, I have my sister’s mini hen party to get flights for, my aunt’s wedding tomorrow, curtains that need sewing and so much more. I fear that my blogging days are numbered!

And there’s still so much I want to write about. Not just the day to day stuff but the bigger stuff. I’ve been reading ‘A room of one’s own’ by Virginia Woolf, as one does. It begins on a tangent. It starts with her wandering Oxbridge College. There are still certain places such as the Library or the Chapel that you cannot enter alone as a woman. Why are these venues only available to men? These places were all founded on the money of Sir this or that to advance… men. What were our mother’s doing? Well it would seem our mother’s were busy raising families. Back in the day it would seem that women were not involved in business and even if they were, the money they made would end up being their husband’s anyway. I wonder how many foundations in the name of ‘Sir…’ were actually supported from the monies raised by their wives? I can’t imagine many, but I do wonder. Wouldn’t that be a fascinating notion?

I digress. In order to write a woman needs a room of her own to sit and have the mental space to write fiction, or whatever she likes. She needs the money to be able to have this room and to support herself. And I ladies and gentleman currently neither have the room nor the funds for something so extravagant. I shall endeavour to continue with my daily blog but it all may become a little less frequent. Adieu!

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