Day 302: Such a perfect day

Not that she’s evil most of the time but I think it’s worth noting that today has been quite the perfect day so far. So much so that I have been singing that dreadful song all day… such a depressing song for something so positive! At least when you sing along to ‘Happy’ you do it with a spring in your step.

So why today? Well, Lo-Lo was up and ready to go at 7am this morning. She’d clearly been up earlier but had been keeping herself entertained. The nappy change was fuss free. Breakfast was short, I managed a good cup of tea: perfect temperature and strength. Her early morning nap was taken well and she was in a good mood when I woke her early to get her to the gym. She went to the ladies in the creche at the gym WITHOUT A WHIMPER! Sigh. She’s getting used to them. I had an ace gym session and am uncertain of how mobile I will be tomorrow. Home for a decent lunch with no fussing at all and down for her afternoon nap right on schedule. I believe this means I am destined for a gnarly rest of the day, but I live in hope that it will continue to be perfect: out to the shops for a bit, hearty dinner, fun bath-time and bed for 7.30pm. It really is the simple things. All it took for me to have a perfect day was a cup of tea, an exhilarating gym work out and a happy baby. If only I could get paid to do this full time!

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