Day 309: New shoes!

On Tuesday, 2 days ago, we went into Blackheath. We were with the NCT girls: Katy and Rachel with their babies: Scotty & Lawrie respectively. I knew there was some kind of shoe shop there and it turned out to be a Start-Rite. I have been told for 1st shoes you should either go to Start-Rite or Clark’s so we did well. It makes sense to wait til they’re walking around a bit but Lo-Lo really has taken to walking like she’s been doing it for a while. She walks around a bit at Tescos, the Drs and she really wanted to pootle about at the park. Those Jojo Maman Bebe slipper moccasins are amazing but I wouldn’t want those suede soles on wet ground. Anyway we discovered Lo-Lo was a size 3.5-4 which is good to know. Then we tried a couple of pairs on. Apparently she has high arches and when she tried some normal shoes with a strap
… oh how I laughed, the ‘padding’ on the top of her foot was popping out between the shoe and the strap. She has fat feet, it’s official. Turns out the shoes I liked were £43. The answer is no, especially not when they last about 2 months. .. this pattern continues til they’re 2 years old people! Instead she got a nice pair of these: socks with rubber soles from good old Jojo Maman Bebe. £9. Get in!

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