Day 311: Forgetting

You hear tales of mums putting the keys in the fridge. Well yesterday I almost put the nappy in the washing machine and the clothes in the bin. Today I chucked my wheetabix in the salad bowl… where the salad was due to made. It’s not exactly forgetting but it seems to be that if I have 2 things in mind, I’ll do them the wrong way round.

Studies have shown that momnesia or baby brain syndrome do exist. Apparently a woman’s brain capacity is still the same but a mixture of hormones in pregnant and new mums rewires our circuits a bit, sleep deprivation also adds to it. The most interesting for me is the thought that our brain has a finite number of shelves. When you have a baby the first few shelves are occupied with baby, so naturally other stuff gets pushed off and it seems to be short term memory that is most effected. Some theories suggest this is an evolutionary thing helping women concentrate on their children letting lesser issues go.

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