Day 313: My first Mother’s Day and our 1st – 1st Birthday Party

This weekend has been pretty spectacular and generally lovely.

Friday night, drinks at a neighbours’, one that can make you 2 gin and tonics that you feel in the morning… and I thought I was being GOOD!

Saturday we had a mini lie in and then off to our first proper 1st Birthday Party. It was done in style. I mean, I’m going to feel embarrassed to invite them to Charlotte’s because they did stupendously well. Natalie (Aquababies mum) made the cake and fairy cakes by hand (that will not be happening at yours, sorry Lo-Lo). We had 2 rooms at the Dial Arch pub (great place with or without children), Prosecco toast to Sophie, amazing buffet spread and even the take home, token gifts were handmade bibs from Greenwich market. And all Sophie got from us was a board book and a card. I felt a little guilty that their take home gift probably cost more than Sophie’s gift from us. But then what’s the etiquette? It’s tough isn’t it? I believe a first birthday gift should probably be something that will last and, much like Christmas presents, it shouldn’t be something costly because a) if you start off expensive what on earth will you get them when they’re 16? and b) when you have about 10 birthday presents to give (each year from now on for life) surely you need to have a pragmatic view otherwise you’ll just end up not going because it all costs too much?! We may have come off as skin flints but honestly they won’t remember and I really do think that books, something educational and fun are the best gift of all. Charlotte at least looked like she had fun. Here with the cupcake design/crown on her head and with Harriet (our other Aquababies friend)

photo-3 20140329_155346

Now, on to the fun part which was my 1st Mother’s Day. Hubby and I did our bit during the week of making sure our mums did not feel abandoned on Mother’s Day. We popped round and dropped off their gifts: Rita some Mann’s brown ale for all the lovely stews she makes and Margaret with a nice photo frame and a couple of photos of her, her and Lo-Lo… which hubby actually organized. Good man. So they were set for Sunday because hubby wanted to make my 1st Mother’s Day special and for us to enjoy it as a family. So he made pancakes in the morning and went for high-tea and ‘Little Nan’s Bar‘ in Deptford. Sandwiches, cake and cocktails. Daddy knows me all too well. Then it was off home for some ‘Monster’s University’ (yes this was my Mother’s Day gift from Lo-Lo, did I mention I am also a Disney fan?) and a quiet night in.

That was it really a lovely weekend. Thank you to daddy and Lo-Lo who had no option but to participate 😉 xx

20140330_131847 20140330_131817

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