Day 316: A guide for hubby while I’m away

Today I leave to go see my sister for a mini hen do/bachelorette. Hubby is in charge for a few days so here’s a guide/reminder for while I’m away. General schedule:
– 7am up and breakfast with 210ml bottle of milk
– 9am nap til 10am
– 10am wake her and offer water to drink
– 11.30am lunch and water
– 12.30pm nap til 2.30pm
– 2.30pm offer water
– 5pm dinner
– 6pm bath & last 210ml milk
– 7pm sleep

Some hints, tips and observations:- she’s possibly teething which might explain her resistance to her 12.30pm nap
– make sure she gets enough water, especially since she’s dropped her lunchtime bottle
– make sure she’s not too hot, this weather is odd and she has a winter sleep sack. You can check her temperature by feeling the back of her neck
– please don’t feed her whilst you watch t.v. or play on the laptop or on your phone while feeding her- OR ANY OTHER VARIATIONS ON THAT THEME… you should have been a lawyer. We set her the wrong impression at mealtimes otherwise.
– please cover her ears especially after a bath… too easy to get a horrible ear infection
– I tend to be strict about waking her up at 7 and 9am as it impacts the rest of the day. I’m also quite strict about lunch and dinner start times, she doesn’t snack which means she gets hu-u-u-u-uuungry!

You pretty much have everything down, the above is a reminder and the rest you’ll figure out just by being with her. Enjoy your time, one-on-one with her. Love you both. X

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