Day 323: Blood and snot

I had one of the worst days so far as a mother. My mum and aunt were round and they were looking after Lo-Lo while I cooked Mouskaka. It’s worth mentioning that she has been feeling awful, teething, runny nose, really bad chesty cough… an all round snotty, achy, teary mess. So there she was, just wandering round the living room when I hear a thump. She’s fallen over. She’s crying a really weary cry as she’s super tired. My mum has picked her up and is hugging her but she won’t settle. ‘Erm, she’s bleeding from her mouth’. I turn to see her little top lip swelling up and her dribble mixed with blood. My heart sinks. I go into action mode. Make the hob safe as I mentally process what to do with her. I reach her and hug her. I try to look in her mouth but she won’t let me look so we hug for a few more minutes while she calms down. She’s one tough cookie. She’s smiling again with her massive top lip. What actually happened I’m not sure but it looks like she fell and her bottom 2 teeth have pierced the inside of her top lip. And she kind of looks like the teeth dug in far because the top lip has 2 marks where her teeth were but it was the inside of the top lip that was pierced.

I wonder if I should have done more, I guess you always do as a mum. I couldn’t have prevented the fall or how she fell and the bleeding stopped after a minute. She returned to normal which makes me feel there was no need for A&E but that blood? The sound her crying? She was already so unwell and now this. I’ve felt very sad for her. There shall be much hugging tomorrow.

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