Day 333: ALL CHANGE! 11 months and growing

Thursday 17th April 2014 (4 days ago) was Lo-Lo’s 11 month Birthday. HOORAY!!! And what did we do for said Birthday? Well nothing specifically but there was much change. That was her 1st full day at the child minder’s without us. 7.30am – 5pm. The childminder said she was great, didn’t cry at all, went down for her naps without protest and ate what she was given. Pretty sure that leaving her at the gym’s creche and having a few settling in days previously with our childminder all helped. Daddy and I picked her up, she was all smiles and happiness. It helps that she has 2 young boys that apparently she was following round.

I on the other hand felt a little lost all day. Fine when I left her as I was on my way to the gym. But then. A little lost. Empty. Missing something… an emotional attachment rather than a physical one. A little sad. A knot in my stomach. I then went to BlueWater with an NCT friend and naturally she had her own baby with us so I felt even weirder. I had left Lo-Lo to go spend time with another baby. I’ll tell you what though it was really nice to be able to sit and have lunch and for once the child was not my responsibility.

The other things we changed… we had our last day of bottle sterilisation. Away goes the steriliser. As pointed out by other mothers, once they start eating your shoes and putting dirt into their mouth sterilising their bottles won’t help. She had normal milk at lunch as given to her by the childminder. Both daddy and myself separately spent a little time getting her to self feed with a spoon…. slowly, slowly she’s growing up – sniff!

Yesterday, Saturday 19th April we all went to Whitstable. It was great. Drove down during her morning nap and spent the afternoon at the Lobster Shack (a bit of lobster and scampi, mummy and daddy had cod, lobster and oysters… when in Rome). Bumped into a few friends along the beach, went for a mega long walk and came home for a relaxing evening. She slept well yesterday evening.

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