Day 365: New Baby Shoes & Kew Gardens

So last weekend we bought Lo-Lo her first proper pair of shoes.  Peppinos? Something like that. Slightly gold dusty, look like mini converse with Velcro straps. Turns out munchkin features has a high arch so she didn’t suit a lot of the shoes we tried on. She either couldn’t get her feet in or once the strap was done up she looked like she had fat feet! Attractive and I can’t imagine they were comfortable. So I opted for these Peppinos. Straight on and super easy to do up. Also £43. Yes £43. Now I’m a little upset at this price, mainly because I bought some shoes over the weekend which cost less. But also because they grow out of them after about 3 months. It is also advised they wear good shoes woth support until they are about 3. Of course there are cheaper shoes out there but I have to admit I would rather she have one decent pair of shoes that support her while her feet are developing and she get her money’s worth. I have rubbish arches and hubby pretty much has none at all so I think it’s only fair to give hers a chance. She now wears them everyday and loves them…. as do I. All in time to look pretty for her first birthday next weekend. Exciting times.

Btw we also went to Kew Gardens last weekend. Got there at 10am on Bank holiday Monday and it was fab. Some wandering around, lots of eating, we saw Princess Charlotte’s cabin and generally got to expose her to lots of flowers and fresh air. The sun was also out so rather amusingly she has tanned hands. This weekend just gone was busy with lots of catching up from the week, lots of cleaning in preparation for this coming weekend’s party and rubbish admin.

Here’s a couple of pictures of her being in a bush and in the Palm House.




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