Day 372: Happy 1st Birthday Baby


A very Happy Birthday to Lo-Lo for Saturday just gone. She turned 1…. yay you’re still alive! We started the morning off by having a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. We then went to Woolwich as we still wanted to get you a cake I had in mind. When I was little my mum and grandmother used to buy me a strawberry gateau every birthday. Sponge in the middle, fresh cream all over. Glazed strawberries on top with sliced almonds on the sides. It was my mission to get you one for your birthday. .. and we did in Percy Ingles! It’s obviously an East London thing. Nana also got one which was so much more impressive than the one I got lol. This one had glitter on top too, generally looked fresher, bigger, cream on the sides, no almonds and a thin layer of white chocolate on the walls beneath the cream. Think we’ll be getting one of those again next time.

Anyway the day went well. It started at 12.30 for us so we could get the decorations up. But people started arriving soon after. A couple from our NCT group, the die hard crew from Waterbabies, old flatmates, close friends, friends of friends, neighbours. It’s safe to say with the 35 or so people who rocked up that you are liked and loved. The gifts were saved til Sunday morning but I have to say people were very generous.
So people mingled well. You kept running away and making friends with all the dogs. We all had lunch and then sang Happy Birthday to you. Grandad Jiisan took you off to get you to sleep and managed to walk round the whole of Blackheath. Eventually around 7, understandably you started getting tired so nana and daddy took you home whilst mummy and Jiisan closed out the evening with our guests.
It was a great day. We’ll forget that mummy’s dress split (momentary lapse in concentration- forgot to think thin). It was warm and lovely. Everyone looked after you and even Niall (the Lodge’s- dog) made an appearance. I’m glad we didn’t have the added pressure of having to cook, clean, make cakes etc. People just got lunch from us and if they had a baby,  they’d get a wiggly worm. It was a busy day but very happy we could throw the party. Hugs and kisses you beautiful,  growing girl. Mummy and daddy… and about 35 other people love you very much. Xxx’ kiss’!

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