Day 383: Moley moley moley

We have our 1st molar breaking through (1 year 2 weeks). Bottom right. The funny bit being that she doesn’t have a full set of 4 on her bottom incisors yet so she’s going to look super wonky. Have we given her pain relief? No. Mainly because we haven’t thought she’s needed it. She’s generally a bit moany so I don’t really pay much attention. Has she been more moany recently? Couldn’t tell you, she’s been at the child minder’s and of course she’ll come home tired so always a bit cranky. Who knows. This is our 8th tooth now and I STILL can’t tell you when she’ actually teething. If it’s dependant on how cranky she is, well, she’s probably been teething since birth. Lol. But seriously, quite proud of her and her little (big) tooth. How fast she’s growing! Dangerous letting her put my finger in her mouth. It did smart before, but now I am actually worried because when she clamps down there’s no telling how many fingers I shall return with!

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